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Gate of ruler

You'll notice that in the center of the map Roc Mountain is a portal called Gate of Ruler. This place used to teleport to the rocky high mountains, specifically to the nest for unique monster Roc and Death Bone. This site is only accessible to players level 80 ~ 120 (Maximum 200 players) who own subject Key of Bloodline, and you can only enter a certain date (Tuesday and Friday from 22:00 Silkroad Standard Time and on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 5:00 Silkroad Standard Time).

1) NPC Slave Jabur , 2) Black Eagle Commander, 3) Paeders Scout

How to get Key of Bloodline

Key of Bloodline can only get help quests or by purchasing from another player, by winning Event, but the newest and fastest way is to purchase it at a special NPC at the entrance to Gate of Ruler. In methods quest is needed to make 3 Quests, where in the last third quest get object Key of Bloodline. All these tasks can be repeated infinitely times.

Quest 1 - Test of village chief
The quest will enter the NPC Chief Bukra in the Wind Town. Your mission will be to get 1x Scout voucher, 1x Commander voucher and 1x Bring Slave's Lithography.

Item Scout voucher you get from killing monsters special Quest Paeders Scout.
Item Commander voucher you get from killing monsters special Quest Black Eagle commander.
Item Bring Slave's Lithography, contact NPC Slave Jabur

Quest 2 - Preparation of material 1
After you have completed the task Test of village chief, unlocks will be continued. The quest will once again enters the NPC Chief Bukra in the Wind Town. Your mission is to get 5x Red Spirit Stones and 7x Blue Spirit Stones.
These items can be obtained by killing monsters Wing tribe, Wing tribe Chaser, Wing tribe Guardian a Wing tribe Attacker.

Quest 3 - Preparation of material 2
The last task that you could get Key of Bloodline. Again, why visit the NPC Chief Bukra in the Wind Town. The assignment is clear. Kill all the Rocky Guard on all the mountaintops in Roc Mountain. The worst of it is that if we go all the mountains will last long enough. Once you kill all the monsters on the tops of mountains in Roc Mountain, go back to NPC Chief Bukra where you get so long coveted Key of Bloodline.
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